Creative Independence with Markline Marker range from Linc Pens

Linc Pens’ range of innovative products is designed to make your life smoother and better. We constantly endeavour to bring out innovation that has an extensive and diverse range of products catering to an assortment of ball pens, gel pens, retractable ball pens and other stationery.


Where there’s education, there’s freedom!

Although India has come a long way in terms of its literacy rate post-independence, still, a lot of children are found carrying bricks rather than books or cleaning utensils at a restaurant rather than erasing pencil marks on paper. As we step into the 74th year of India’s independence, Linc Pens would request every Indian to take the ‘Education for All’ initiative to heart.


Corporate & Creative Professionals – We’ve Got You Covered with Our Plethora of Pens!

Your work may have gone digital, but we still cannot deny the fact that signatures look best in ink than scribbled on a tablet, and sketches and doodles become alive on paper. Presenting a few pen recommendations for both corporate and creative professionals on the go!


Get Top Marks With Markline Range (School and Office Stationery)

Welcome to the world of precision and bold expression with the Linc Markline range of innovative products designed to make your life smoother and better. With Markline range of stationery from Linc, be sure to leave a permanent impression at school or at work.


Explore the therapeutic universe of Mandala Art with Pentonic Assorted Ball and Gel Pens

Drawing Mandalas help you get your mind and soul in harmony, reduces stress. With Pentonic range of pens, Linc has combined all the necessities of artist's pen with the benefits of a modern day, easy-to-use pen. For a smooth, feather-like, therapeutic feel while making the mandals, choose Pentonic range of ball and gel pens.


10 Age-old Pen Myths – Busted By Linc Pentonic!

With numerous misconceptions around the pen market regarding the colour and type of an ideal marketable pen, we wanted to dispel a few of those myths with our range of ground-breaking, user-friendly pens. Here are 10 myths that Linc Pentonic has absolutely busted!


6 Fun Ways To Use The Markline Permanent Markers

With 4 different colours to choose and get creative with, Linc Markline Permanent markers  are an awesome choice for art and DIY projects of all types, designed in such a way that it leaves a mark on almost all surfaces. 


5 Benefits of the New Flip Top LINCPLUS Hand Sanitizer

Your hands touch a lot of surfaces every day, which can unintentionally spread illness-causing germs, making you and those around you sick. Ensure the proper hand hygiene habits for yourself and your family with LINCPLUS Herbal Hand Sanitizer - pocket-sized protection that is safe for all skin types.


Look No Further for Father’s Day Gifting Ideas

The man who organised most aspects of your life, from schooling to higher education to catering to all your requests and demands you made, will be needing some organizing too. You can customize gifts from the Linc and Pentonic online stores with desk organizers and other stationery from Deli and Uni-ball to help him organize better with cutting tools, adhesives, sticky notes, markers and calculators.


5 Best Linc and Pentonic BallPoint Pens To Have In Your Stationery Collection

Linc has always understood the needs of users through its line of quality stationery, writing instruments and pens. Linc products are known to never let you down at the hour of need. With advanced ink-flow technology and offering superior comfort to a writer, Linc and Pentonic pens have been the reliable choice of students, offices and as well as for your quality stationery pen collection.


Dear Diary - The Lost Art Of Documenting

Diary writing still holds a lot of water. Read our latest piece where we share a chapter from our diary, on the practice of writing diaries. 


Linc - Pentonic is the proud sponsor of Kolkata Knight Riders

Much like Kolkata Knight Riders, a homegrown team, which has sealed a number of memorable wins over the years with its performances, winning many hearts and league titles, Linc Pen also began its journey from Kolkata. Since then it has reached global popularity inspiring creativity in students, writers, journalists and artists across the globe. Read all about KKR and Pentonic's association in this season of T20 cricket.


Find Out The Best Ways To Deal With “Sell Me This Pen”

With the common sales interview question “Sell Me This Pen”, there are exactly four sales skills the interviewer is looking to see as you answer. How you gather information, how you respond to information, how you deliver information and how you ask for something that leads to finding a solution to the interviewer’s / customer’s needs. Read on to find out how you can deal with the situation with a Pentonic B-RT.


Reasons why you absolutely need the Deli multipurpose scissors

Being manufactured with top grade, stainless steel and having soft-grip asymmetry handles for comfortable use, Deli Multipurpose scissors can find a world of uses with regular stationery needs, in your kitchen, and at every part of your household. 


What Makes Retractable Ball Pens So User-Friendly?

Saves that extra time, is easy and safe to use, and makes life worry-free. Here's a look at retractable ball pens that are a savior when you’re on the phone or on the move and need to grab a pen and jot down a note. Read to find out why retractable pens are considered to be user-friendly.


Know What Your Handwriting Says About You!

Every handwriting is beautiful, having its uniqueness that reveals a personality trait. While the handwriting styles can’t be changed overnight, it can certainly be made to look crisper or bolder with the right kind of pen. Choose from a vast range of pens from Linc and Pentonic to see noticeable improvements in your handwriting.


15 Startling Facts About Pencils You’d Love To Know

On National Pencil Day we decided to put together a list of amazing facts about pencils that you’d love to know and share amongst those who are ever fond of pencils. Pencils are a world of its own and one can definitely grow fond of one when using a pencil that is reliable and offers smooth and clear writing, like the Linc Pentonic Extra Dark Premium Pencils.


Draw, Paint or Decorate the World With Uni Posca Paint Markers

With Uni-ball Posca Paint Markers, explore a world of art styles for glass painting, egg shell art or even rock painting and a lot more. Easy to paint and repaint on, Posca Marker Pens are loved by all amateur, budding and pro artists around the world. World-famous Posca Markers are made available in India by Linc Pens, who have the exclusive rights of distribution, marketing and packaging of the Uni-ball brand across the nation.


Add more colors to your imagination with Pentonic Gel

Present your thoughts and depict your world of imagination effortlessly. Pentonic Gel pens come in a set of 12 multicoloured pens with the regular blue, red and black inks that help you to fuel creativity.


Write your way to success with Linc Pens - All The Best For Exams

Linc has always understood the needs of students through its line of stationery, writing instruments and pens. Our products never let you down at the hour of need. Boasting of specialized ink, advanced ink-flow technology and offering superior comfort, Linc Pens have been the reliable choice of students during exams.


Keep Your Kids Engaged With Mini Kiddy

Linc Mini Kiddy set of 12 non-toxic, color sketch pens is a great companion for your child’s growing up years with its child-friendly size, design and packaging and is sure to keep your child captivated in a world of colors for years to come.


Top 5 Smart & Best Deli Calculators For Every Desktop

Deli Group Co. is a leading producer of quality stationery products for customers, including manufacturers of top quality calculators for students and professionals, which we focus on in our blog today. In India, Linc Pens has the exclusive rights of distribution, marketing and packaging of Deli across the nation. 


Surprise Your Loved One - Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a chance to show that you care, by choosing unique gifts that actually are useful for your partner and make them feel special. So, if you’re in a constant search for unique yet perfect gifts for your partner, look no further!


Top Uni-Ball Pens For The Finest Writing Experience

Mitsubishi Pencil Co. with its flagship, Uni-ball pens have always been quick to produce high value-added, distinctive products that are crafted to customers demands, so as to provide exceptional writing instruments that truly match the needs of its users. Linc Pen has the exclusive rights of distribution, marketing and packaging of the Uni-ball brand across the nation.


You Need A Hand Sanitizer That Hates Germs, Loves Your Skin

Personal health and safety are now of utmost importance, which is why you need a Hand Sanitizer that moisturizes and protects your skin without the fear of irritation or infection, making it safe for all skin types.


Doodling - old art, new styles

During the lockdown, people have taken to doodling due to multiple reasons.
Take up doodling easily and lend it your own style with these tips and tricks.


10 Amazing Pen and Pencil Trivia You Didn't Know

Fascinated with writing instruments?
Then you'll have more appreciation for the pen and pencil with these 10 amazing facts on National Trivia Day.


Grips, Tips and Ink: The Top 3 Pillars of the Pen Explained

What makes for a great pen? Find out how the grip, the ink and the tip of a pen can make for a pleasurable writing experience.


Celebrate This Short Story Day By Writing Your Way To Success

A short story is more than just an avenue for telling tales, it is a path to self-exploration and self-expression. Here's a brief guide to aid anyone wanting to delve into writing short stories.


Show Your Glow with Shine Glitter Gel

Brighten up your letters and jazz up those handmade crafts with Linc Shine Glitter. Available in a kaleidoscope of colours, Linc Shine Glitter is designed to dazzle.


Drawing a Mandala: What Makes it the Ultimate Stressbuster

Mandala is an intricate amalgamation of geometric shapes and designs that has existed for an innumerable amount of years. Find out the many benefits of this mesmerizing artistry.


Has the Lockdown Actually Raised Levels of Creativity?

Humans are inherently very resilient. Despite the lockdown, we have utilised some of our excess time to foster our creative energies. 


The Art of Writing: The Silent Link Between Ink and Emotion

Writing and one's emotions are intricately linked. From a form of introspection and catharsis to self-realisation, writing can help you in various different ways.


Make an Impression that Doesn’t Fade Away With Linc Markline Markers

Whether you’re labelling a disc, assigning labels while doing your laundry or engraving words on a variety of surfaces, markers find usefulness in many aspects of daily life. Here’s what you can expect from Linc Markline Markers


6B, 2B and 2HB: Which Shade of Pencil Suits Your Purpose?

Pencils come in various types. Choosing the right one can vastly affect the performance of the task. Learn about the various pencil gradings and how you can utilise them to the utmost. 


Linc‌ ‌Plus:‌ ‌The‌ ‌Herbal‌ ‌Hand‌ ‌Sanitizer‌ ‌That’s‌ ‌Turning‌ ‌Heads‌

With the advent of COVID-19, hand-sanitizers have become a necessity for every human on earth. LINCPLUS comes with a unique and herbal formulation that not only kills harmful microorganisms but also has no adverse impact on the skin.


From a Writing Instrument to a Style Statement: Can a Pen Be More?

A pen is more than an instrument that provides an effortless writing experience through a smooth and easy ink flow. Find out the unique tangible and intangible benefits one can get from a proper pen.


Relaxing and Fun, It’s Time to Try the Therapeutic Art of Zentangle!

Combine the benefits of both meditation and art with Zentangle, a unique and easy exercise that anyone can do.


Upholding the Legacy of Linc: How Pentonic BRT is the Future of Writing

Being ‘linked’ to families for countless years, Linc has been the go-to option for writing instruments in every walk of life.


Work Hard and Smart: 6 Stationery Essentials to Help You Upgrade

Check out this comprehensive list of stationery must-haves that you should definitely add to your kit. Work hard and smart with these essential elements.


All Questions Answered About the First-Ever Digital Spellinc!

India’s leading English spelling and vocabulary competition which demonstrates skills in the language while also being a fun contest. Here's all you need to know.


Simple Yet Effective Ways to Organize Your Work Desk

An orderly work desk coupled with a stationery organiser will ensure comfort and convenience during your work hours. Here’s how to go about it.


The Art of Calligraphy: Preserving a Vanishing Aesthetic

When looking at calligraphy, one cannot help but feel a sense of admiration and wonder.


Calling All Bookworms! Secret Pens of Your Favourite Authors Finally Revealed

An author is quite closely attached to the pen he/she uses. Check out what your favourite authors have been using and why!


From Egypt to Exceptional: Tracing the Origins of the Pen

Many faces from many places that contributed to the pen we use today, are just not seen. So let's try and treasure the exceptional, everyday object we use - the product of countless modifications and revisions over thousands of years.


An All-inclusive Guide on What Your Handwriting Says About You

Curious to know what your handwriting reveals about your personality? Read on to find out more.


Handwriting Vs Typing: The Beauty In-between

Getting to the question on everyone’s mind – Will the electronic keyboard replace the old world charm of pen and paper? Let’s first see what both are all about.


The Untold Story of Mitsubishi and its Flagship Brand of uni-ball

Hailed as one of the prime manufacturers and suppliers of innovative writing instruments, Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd. enjoys a special place in the heart of the Indian audience. This is not just attributed to the splendid quality of its pens alone.


Old-fashioned or Just Convenient? Why People Prefer Writing over Anything Else

Touchscreens and keyboards have clearly become an indispensable tool for our daily existence today. However, with the emphasis on pressing the right key rather than on the seamless flow of thought, it’s not surprising that many refuse to part with the age-old process of writing.


An Overview of Linc’s Export Information and Presence Overseas

Linc is renowned as a leading manufacturer and supplier of writing instruments in India. It has been serving the nation for decades through an assortment of quality products at cost-effective rates.


Can’t Decide on a Gift? Here’s What Makes a Linc Pen the Perfect Choice

While gifting is one of the most selfless forms of appreciation and love, it can actually prove to be quite a difficult task. This is because we find ourselves without information about the tastes and needs of the recipients.


Get Your Stationery Essentials Delivered to Your Doorstep with Office Linc

Serving the role of a one-stop destination, Office Linc is an initiative that is intended to reach customers directly. Launched by Linc, one of the most popular pen companies, it has set up branches in several malls while some can be seen as stand-alone shops.


Unleash the Power of Creativity with Offerings by Linc

Have you ever wished for the power to turn dreams into reality? This sort of question sounds bizarre since there is no magic wand to make it happen.


Haven't Heard About SPELLINC? Here's All You Need to Know

Today, Spellinc is known as a national event that tests the knowledge of students on English spelling and words. It has a wide coverage of roughly 1500 schools over 11 cities and reaches out to over 5 lakh students.


How Linc Takes a Stand against Plastic Pollution

Every invention that we see today was created out of necessity. The pen for writing. The light bulb for illumination. The telephone for communication. These were created out of a need for convenience and comfort in daily life.


Facing a Pen Leak? Here are a Few Causes and Tips to Prevent Them

If you have ever experienced an ink stain in your pocket, relax – you’re not the only one. Pen leaks have been a common source of problems among people for years now.


A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Business Pens

On the surface, it seems as if a pen is a mere tool for writing and jotting down notes. Consequently, its necessity as a writing instrument is all we know it for.


Ballpoint, Gel or Fountain - Which Pen is the Right One for Me?

For those that are fond of writing, you will be aware that choosing the right pen is a necessary part of the writing experience. No pen is the same and all pens cannot be generalized. Each is graced by its own quirk.


Pentonic: Breaking Countless Myths in India's Pen Industry

Have you ever wanted to buy an item but stopped at the very last minute because of something you heard? This could be based on a rumour or a misunderstanding. It could have been something that wasn’t verified but carried out due to an illogical fear.


5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Improve Your Handwriting

Handwriting is something that is fluid and effortless. It is formed naturally at a young age and it becomes a part of our lives as it solidifies over time.


Highlights of the 20th All Bengal SPELLINC Competition 2019-20

SPELLINC is an initiative by Linc Pen and Plastics Limited that provides a platform for students to display their prowess in the English language. Covering both spelling and vocabulary, it is held annually garnering great participation from schools and students.


Board Exams Knocking at Your Doorstep? Here Are 5 Pens That You Should Consider

Not many will understand the time and energy that you put into your preparation for exams. As the countdown is getting closer, exhausting tuitions, late-night revisions and cancelling plans become a new habit.


5 Reasons Why Linc Is Famous for Its Stationery Range

Stationery is far from ordinary commodities. They help express ourselves and add a neat touch and presentation to our work. To ensure that this writing experience of ours is made better, Linc curates quality writing instruments alongside a vast selection of products.


Why Is Pentonic Preferred Among Its Vast Options for Pens?

A pen plays a bigger part in your life than you realize - it is an essential tool that fosters and inspires creativity. Inscribing words on a written medium allows you to unleash the creativity embedded within your mind.


End Your Hunt for Quality Writing Pens with Linc

The pen is mightier than the sword - there's a reason that this phrase is prevalent even today. Every sentence speaks volumes about something.


Reasons That Contribute to the High Demand for Linc Products

Whether you realize it or not, a pen has become an essential tool in our lives and its importance cannot be neglected. Just ask your children as they do their homework and they will surely agree.


What Makes the Linc Brand a Haven for School Students?

Your exam is about to begin shortly. You sit in the classroom along with your pens and pencils. You read the question paper while your heart is beating rapidly from nervousness.