Why pens make great corporate gifts: The benefits of giving pens to employees as gifts


Contrary to popular belief, finding the perfect corporate or business gift can be quite challenging: much like personal gifts. Given that our gifts say a lot about who we are, they have to be useful, thoughtful, and - most importantly - remind the recipient of your brand. This is where customised corporate pens come in - they not only make perfect gifts for employees but also clients. This blog makes the case for why pens make great corporate gifts and why cc you should consider giving them to your employees in particular.

Traditional and Timeless

As mentioned earlier, pens have been a traditional gift in the business world for a surprisingly long time. In fact, they’ve been a common corporate gift since at least the beginning of the 20th century, alongside other items such as (branded) pencils and keychains. As a result, they’re now commonly seen as a timeless gift that is always appreciated by recipients - even in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world. They are hence not likely to go out of style anytime soon, making them a reliable choice for corporate gifting.

Useful and Essential

Pens are still an essential part of our daily lives, despite the rise of technology. They are useful tools that we all use in our daily lives: whether it's for taking notes, writing down ideas, signing documents, or even writing a letter. Gifting customised pens to employees is thus a practical and useful gesture that can show your appreciation for their work while also giving their productivity a boost. In addition, by providing them with a tool they can use every day, you are reminding them of your brand and showing that you value them.

Marketing Tool

Speaking of brands, a customised pen is not just a gift; it is also a marketing tool. When you gift a pen that displays your company name and logo prominently, you are reminding people of your brand every time they use it. Leaving customised pens in your office for people to take can also be an excellent marketing tool for your brand as they might find their way into the hands of potential customers or clients, expanding your exposure without any additional effort. By investing in customised pens, you are hence investing in a long-lasting marketing tool.

Sense of Belonging and Pride

A customised pen can also serve as a symbol of an employee’s commitment to their job and a sense of belonging. It shows that you value their contributions to the company and appreciate their hard work. Gifting a customised pen to an employee can therefore make them feel like they are part of a team and a valuable member of the company. It is a small but meaningful gesture that can go a long way in creating a positive workplace culture.

Convenient and Versatile

Pens are convenient and versatile gifts that work for any occasion, whether a holiday, a birthday, or a work anniversary. They are perfect gifts for employees and clients, regardless of the occasion. The fact that these pens are available at a range of prices, from the most expensive brands to pens that are more affordable, makes them accessible to any budget. By choosing a quality and durable pen from a reputable corporate gifting company, you can make a lasting impression and ensure your gift is appreciated for years to come.

In conclusion, customised corporate pens are a thoughtful, timeless, and versatile gift that is perfect for any occasion. They are useful tools that remind people of your brand, and they can act as a marketing tool for your business. Moreover, they make employees feel appreciated, creating a sense of belonging and pride in their job. When selecting a corporate pen, quality, and durability are crucial, as a well-crafted pen can last for years and continue to promote your business. And when it comes to pens, few brands compare to Linc Limited - whose wide range of carefully-crafted pens is guaranteed to meet any of your corporate gifting needs. So why not consider customised corporate pens - or even a stationery gift set -  as your next corporate gift and watch your employees appreciate and benefit from this thoughtful gesture!