Get Top Marks With Markline Range (School and Office Stationery)


Be it school or office, perfection and precision is all that it takes to make a mark!
To get noticed for your efforts, you need the best-in-class stationery to help you achieve your goals. With the Linc Markline range of stationery, be sure to leave a permanent impression and get top marks for all your work.

Achieve flawless perfection in geometry

The Markline Lazor Geometry Box comes in a rust-free colourful box with self-centring divider and compass for easy grip and accurate drawing. The box comes with high-quality instruments which make the construction of geometric patterns an easy possibility. The ruler is made up of a durable scratch-free plastic that helps in providing a greater precision.

This perfect geometry box features:

  • Compass, Divider, Eraser, Pencil, Sharpener, Ruler (15 cm), Protractor, Set Squares 
  • Ruler is made of scratch-free and high quality plastic for greater precision. 
  • All tools included hold an accuracy of 99.78%  
  • Rust-free, self-centring divider and compass for easy grip and accurate drawing.

Get Markline Lazor Geometry Box in stores and online from Amazon.

For a Permanent impression

Markline Permanent Markers are designed in such a way that it leaves a mark on most surfaces, like leather, glass, paper, fabric, wood and marble. It can also survive a 24 hour cap off period. These markers come with a bullet-tip that marks on almost all surfaces and is even refillable. Available in Blue, Black, Red and Green colours at your nearest stationery store or online at Amazon

Make every stroke stand-out

Markline Whiteboard Markers come with dark inks so that the visibility of writing is not compromised and can be wiped clean. It comes with a smooth flow bullet-tip, can be dry-wiped without residue and has a 24 hour cap off with refillable inks. Available in Blue, Black, Red and Green colours. Buy from stores or online at Amazon

Precision that gets noticed

The Markline DVD/CD/OHP Markers now known as Markline Fineliners comes with an ultra-fine tip that ensures precise writing. It is designed to leave a mark on almost all surfaces, is fast-drying and does not smudge. Along with this, it has a 24 hours cap-off advantage. The marker pen is available in Blue, Black, Red and Green colours and can be purchased from stores or online at Amazon.