Creative Independence with Markline Marker range from Linc Pens



With India’s Independence, an era of indigenous production and creative expression emerged from the clutches of British colonialism. India's struggle for Independence was not just a tryst with destiny, but one laid with the sacrifices of many freedom fighters, who were writers, artists, scientists and men of exceptional creative abilities,used to write with ink as dark as  Marker. Everyone laid their lives so that one day, countrymen would have the opportunity to pursue their passion for creative expression, independently.


Creative independence, if put into words, is finding and following your passion and career. And having the right array of tools that lets you achieve your goals in quick time, leaving a mark of quality. For the last 45 years, Linc Limited, Best Pen Manufacturers, has made it a point to help all kinds of artists achieve their creative independence with a wide range of products  or Stationery online like White board marker and other types of Marker. Linc Pens’ range of innovative products is designed to make your life smoother and better,rated as Best pen India. We constantly endeavour to bring out innovation that has an extensive and diverse range of products catering to an assortment of ball pens, gel pens, Retractable ball pens,Roller pens, Marker and other stationery. To know more about them, read on.

Markline Markers

Creative independence should be limitless. With Markline Marker Permanent, White Board Marker and Fineliner markers, users can make the world their canvas, as these Markers provide the best quality results. Markline Markers are bright, strong and permanent on surfaces like metal, glass, plastic, foil, cloth, rubber, waxed paper, etc.

The Permanent and WhiteBoard markers are refillable and come with a safety mechanism that helps you open them with ease and safety. These are great for identifying and labelling and have a bold bullet tip size which comes with 4 colours including Black, Red, Blue, Green and is available on Amazon. 

Markline Dark Pencils and Sharpeners

Linc offers a range of quality pencils in its product array. Make your mark with the pencil that writes really dark, Linc Markline Extra Dark Plus HB2 Pencil with International quality lead for Smooth, clear writing, Good sharpen ability and high break resistance. Get them only on Amazon


To stay ever-sharp in your creative game, try Markline pencil sharpeners that come with a durable plastic body, scientifically designed blade for an elegant long tip for long writing tip. Order the packs from Amazon


Markline Mathematical Geometry Box

If mathematical and industrial drawings are your thing, look no further for a compact Geometry solution in a box. The Markline Mathematical Geometry Box with instruments like a compass, divider, protractor, set squares, half-length pencil and more to help them achieve excellence in your work. Markline Lazor Geometry Box comes with high-quality instruments which make the construction of geometric patterns a possibility. The compass and divider are made with utmost care for easy grip and accurate drawing. The scales are made up of high-quality scratch-free plastic that provides greater precision. Get Markline Lazor Geometry Box here on Amazon

Linc Pens constantly endeavors to bring out an innovative, extensive and diverse range of products catering an assortment of ball pens, gel pens, retractable ball pens and stationery that aims to make lives smoother and better so that you can express yourself freely and be the most Independent version of yourself.